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Privacy Preference Center

Our website and app use cookies and similar technologies to collect information. This includes information about browsing and purchasing behavior, pages viewed, products purchased, and the customer journey around our website and apps. Click the categories below for more details about the type of information they collect.

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Manage Consent Preferences

These cookies make your shopping experience easier. They enable basic functions such as seeing recently viewed products or searches. Switching off these cookies will mean that areas of our website won't work properly.

These cookies help us learn what you're interested in so we can show you relevant content while you shop on our website and so we can prepare personalised marketing campaigns. Switching off these cookies will mean you see a generic version of the website, rather than content which is more relevant to you. If you accept marketing cookies, but opt out of personalisation, you will receive generic, non-personalised marketing content.

These cookies are deemed essential and will be deployed to all users. They are used for various functions required for our website to operate.

These cookies are used to help us understand how users interact with our website, products and/or services on an individual basis, so that we can better understand their needs.

These cookies are used to control whether or not you will be shown relevant adverts on other platforms. Switching off these cookies will mean you will see generic advertising on other platforms, rather than ads which are most relevant to you.

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